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Distributed Computing means a computer system, whose components are distributed at different locations. Several scientific problems can be solved by massive computing power. And so as soon as networks and the internet arrived, the idea, that everybody having a computer could help researchers in need for computing power by making the unused computing cycles of his PC available, developed. This is also sometimes called volunteer computing, meaning participants do so without any direct reward. And since its beginning end of the 90’s with projects like SETI@home (which searches for alien signals in radio telescope data), this has become huge: hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide search for cures against AIDS, cancer, parkinson and other diseases, search for alien signals, calculate large prime numbers and many more (see a list here).

I was fascinated by this since being a teenager, starting to crunch for SETI@home in 2001. In the last few years I have intensified my efforts, running several computers 24/7 on World Community Grid. My main motivation is to give something back to society and help scientific research, but of course playing around with hardware is also much fun!

As I almost exclusively participate in World Community Grid and currently there are only CPU projects on World Community Grid, I do not run projects on GPU. The focus of this site is on what I have experience with and can contribute something. Should my focus in distributed computing shift some time, so will the focus of this site. The main purpose of this website is, to build a resouce of all the things I learned and discovered, where they are easily accessible for others.

What qualifies me to write here? Certainly not, that I am a total expert and have all the answers. I like to learn new things and I do so with persistence, when I’m interested in something. That way I have learned one thing or the other.


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