World Community Grid Statistics Q2 2019

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I was always interested in the progress of the computing power World Community Grid can use. And while the numbers are available on the Global Statistics History page, humans are not especially gifted in processing raw numbers. So I made a chart from these numbers some time ago and updated it periodically. As others might also be interested in this, I will share it here.

I intend to update the chart quarterly and post it here!

Points and Run Time

First, here is a chart how points and run time developed over the years at World Community Grid:

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Output of World Community Grid first increased a bit and later decreased noticably in Q2 2019. The main reason for the decline should be the warm weather, causing participants to produce less heat to keep room temperature comfortable.

Run Time by Project

The second chart shows only run time, but seperately by project.

*Click to enlarge*

This are the noticable changes during Q2 2019:

  • two small beta tests were conducted in Q2 2019: one for a new project, which should be one of the three announced climate change projects. The other for Smash Childhood Cancer, which is expected to continue with new work units in the future
  • OpenZika output decreased most due to the lower overall output. It was also announced, that Zika will likely make a short pause, but until now this has not started
  • Output of Help Stop TB decreased noticably. The output of it is small anyway, but at least it stays above the extremely small level experienced until the beginning of 2019


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