How to install BOINC on Linux command line

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There are multiple reasons why it may be beneficial to set up a cruncher on Linux using the command line.

The Linux command line is scary for most people not familiar with it – it was for me, too, not long ago. And it certainly takes some time to master it. However, a task like installing BOINC and adding World Community is super easy!

just type the following 3 commands

I assume you have your Linux installed already, if not, read my article how to do this.
Now you simply open a new terminal window and type the following commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install boinc-client
boinccmd --project_attach [project URL] [account key]
  • the first line updates the package lists. It is not needed to install BOINC, bu makes sure you get the most recent version
  • the secound line installs the boinc-client
  • the third line adds a project to BOINC. [project URL] is the URL of the project, for example “” for World Community Grid. [account key] is the account key of the project you want to attach. You find this by logging into your account on the project website. At for example you click on “Settings” then on “My Profile”

And that’s it! BOINC and the project you selected should be running now. If you restart your PC, BOINC should start automatically and run in the background. To “see” something you can use the Boinc Manager (in Ubuntu you find it under “system tools”). Or if you prefer the command line or have a command line only Linux like Ubuntu Server, use the Boinccmd-tool or, for more convenience, istall and use Boinctui.


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